Thursday, March 31, 2011

A review of the tutoring program to date shows that we can offer SES tutoring after May 30th in Indiana and after June 30th in Tennessee when our applications are approved by the state.

"UCC Project Excel, Inc" is licensed as a tutoring corporation in Indiana and Tennessee NOW! We can perform private tutoring now for grades K-12.
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All tutoring agreements must be approved by the administrator for the respective state.(William Hewitt)

Biological Sciences PhD Student at Tennessee State University, and I work at Vanderbilt University in medical research. I am also a Christian Singer/Songwriter. Music is sold on iTunes and Amazon

Ann LaJuan Bohannon-Stewart

We are looking to grow, accelerate and develop professional educational and medical research skills, in an effort to provide care and services for the community. To help educate children who have fallen behind in school studies and make it possible for them to reach their full potential. Use me and take advantage of my experience, education and training, than together we shall receive the personal and professional satisfaction of helping our community with their educational needs and teaching them about our medical research.

I am current President of "UCC Project Excell" tutoring service. I also work in research at Tennessee State University...My PhD research is in genetics DNA, RNA, and Biochemistry...I run regular PCR's, Microarrays. Nanospecs (DNA and protein counts) Gel Electrophoresis, Southern and Western blots and much more.
Medical Field- X-Ray positioning and training on film size usage and radiation safety, Certified in phlebotomy blood draws, CPR, and first aid, Crossed trained as a medical assistant, Certified geriatrics nurses aid. Experienced in MRI, electrocardiography, administer topical and oral meds, bandaging, urinalysis, psychology, anatomy, administer Injections, blood pressure, vital signs,
Child Care- Certified Childcare provider with several years of experience working with special needs children
Computer Skills- All Microsoft Office Products and knowledge of many currently used software such as Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Also I have much training in Internet usage for building websites and I have training in IT technology such as repairing being able to build most computers.

Tennessee State University 2005-2009 Nashville, TN
I am working toward my PhD in Biological Sciences. I have recieved a BS in Biology and minor in Chemistry. I also wanting to go into medical research here at Vandy. I am currently in the PhD Program for Genetic research and biochemistry. Graduated with a 3.8 GPA in the BS program. As of now earning a 4.0 as a PhD student.

Nashville State Community College 2007 Nashville, TN
Basic educational studies to add to the Biology B.S. degree I am working toward at Tennessee State University.

High-Tech Institute 2004-2005 Nashville, TN
Associates Degree in Applied Science X-Ray Limited Scope Technology, cross trained as a M.A. Graduated with a 4.0 GPA

University of Maryland 1992-1993 Lakenheath, England
Computers studies

City College of Chicago 1992-1993 Lakenheath, England
Basic Educational Studies

Gordon Cooper Vocational-Tech School 1988-1989 Shawnee, OK
Certification as a Geriatrics Nursing Aid

Vanderbilt Research - Molecular Physiology & Biophysics:
Support for specified research projects; collect, assess, and communicate data/results. Assist in general laboratory operation and inventory. Assisting in tissue cell line transfection and maintenance. Assisting in cloning. Assisting in immunohistochemistry and isolation of rodent pancreatic islets.

Tennessee State University: Aug 15, 2009- Present Nashville, TN
Working in research under Dr. X. Wang, regularly performing Primer design, RT-PCR, Q-PCR, DNA and RNAisoloations, Microarray, gel electrophoresis, Western Blots, Southern Blots, Northern Blots, cell storage, Nono Spectrometer and so many more techniques on chickens. DNA Isololtions are from chicken blood and tissues. I'm doing this while working on my PhD at TSU.

Vanderbilt University Hospital 2008-2010 Nashville, TN
Worked on 9 North as a part of the Surgical Patient Care Center team. This is a 27-bed unit for the care of critically ill patients. All of the beds are monitored and capable of accepting ventilated patients. This is the only stepdown unit trained to care for the mechanically ventilated patient. I provide services to surgical patients that include Thoracic, ENT, plastics, and general surgery patients among others.

Tennessee Urgent Care 2005-2008 Nashville, TN
X-Ray Technologist- Working in radiology taking X-Rays and doing M.A. work to help assist doctors and patients with diagnosis. Also trained to run in house lab tests for Strep, Flu, Mononucleosis, and Urinalysis.

Davidson County Sheriff?s Office 1/1998-10/2000 Nashville, TN
Senior Officer: took care of inmates, booking and the release of inmates, used computer software on a daily basis
Tinker Military AFB 5/1992-11/1996 Oklahoma City, OK

Received Academic Excellence and Perfect Attendance with a 4.0 Grade Point Average from High Tech Institute. Also awarded Highest Service Award from Davidson County Sheriff?s Office with high academics scores during 6 weeks basic training. Honorary member of the Golden Key Society. Tennessee State University?s Dean?s list multiple times.

LaJuan is the daughter of Rev. Jethery Bohannon. Growing up with a minister for a father, she learned and sang the Gospel like him. LaJuan considered it like a legacy to carry on in father?s music ministry and footsteps. She works in many programs that help teach the understanding of Christianity. She spent much of her youth traveling with her father and playing piano for him, while he sang at different churches. LaJuan attended the Oklahoma City institute of music for music theory Oklahoma back in the early 1990s. In the late 90s LaJuan went to work in a large brand new music store in Nashville called Mars Music, where she worked in the keyboard section. During the time, she managed to build her own music recording studio, and accumulate a large number of keyboards. Where she could write ...and record her own music daily using keyboard rhythm mixes.
LaJuan has been a writer in Nashville Tennessee USA for many years, and an independent artist. When youtube came along she uploaded her songs there, and she found people there to share her music with. That?s when her music started becoming well known and well liked. LaJuan has written and recorded hundreds of Christian songs, and written over a thousand songs. Now her songs are just now being heard by the public on the web, radio, and in her local churches. You can see her videos and hear her work at many of her official youtube channels: